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    Screen Hotties: Matt Bomer from White Collar

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    Suit up. Behind the scenes with GQ (UK) at David Beckham’s ad shoot for his new fragrance, “Classic.”

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  4. Kenny Wormald

  5. Kenny Wormald: Footloose and Center Stage 2

  6. per·fec·tion  n.  the state or quality of being or becoming perfect.

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  9. Chris Pine is the new face of Armani Code.

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  10. I worked in a restaurant and in a bakery, and I once worked for my landlord as a construction guy who would repair things in the house. But I was not very good because I do not know a hammer from a screwdriver, so that did not last long.

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  11. New outtake from “The Hollywood Reporter”

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  13. Chris Pine

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    Chase Finlay was shot by Billy Kidd.

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    Chris Pine #34